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George M. Hughes Memorial

George M. Hughes passed away last Thursday 29 September. He served the Neighborhood in many capacity’s. He served as the President and Vice President of our  Civic League. His family will receive friends at Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home, Bayside  Chapel Tuesday, Oct 4, From 7 to 9 pm. A graveside service will be held at 1 pm Wednesday in Woodlawn Memorial Gardens  with the Rev. Ernest L. Trueblood officiating. Condolences may be offered to the family at

Additionally, the family of Mr. George M. Hughes invites all to attend a Memorial Service for him at the Civic League Building 5 Oct 2:30 until 4:30 pm. Every one is encouraged to bring a dish.

President’s Corner

Greetings Neighbors, summer is upon us and so far our Civic League has had many events occur and many more planned. We want to thank all the neighbors who have stepped up and assisted us in making the events such a success so far. We will emphasis the Neighborhood Watch in this edition. We have had several crimes in the past few months. Only with a consolidated effort from each of us can we ensure we have a safe environment.

The yard sale did not have the participation we have enjoyed in the past. The Easter egg hunt and pony rides were a great success. We will emphasis arriving well before the children are released to pick up the eggs next year. DSGP sponsored the Relay for life field day this year. Thanks to Little Creek Auto and all the neighbors who stepped up to support. Thank you to all of the neighbors who brought the delicious dishes to the Mexican dinner and the Fish Fry. We enjoyed a beautiful Flag display for Memorial Day weekend. Thank you Lori, Michelle and Billy for your labors in making it happen. Movie night was a success despite the low numbers of families coming out. We have many more events planned for the Summer so mark your calendars.

In the last new letter I spoke of community support for our Neighborhood watch and civic league functions. Since that issue we have had an increase in participation and two new volunteers. Welcome to Robert McCausland who has taken the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator position his contact information is available in the pages ahead. We will continue to work with Virginia Beach Police department to solve crimes that are occurring but we need your support. We would also like to welcome Jaci Greene who has assumed the Secretary position. Take a moment to send me an email at so I can include you on the DSGP Email string. You will not only receive ongoing information about the neighborhood but you can also share information with the neighborhood. Join our Facebook page and the DSGP Website. Simple steps that increase your awareness to your surroundings. Our general meeting are always held the second Tuesday at 7 pm at the Clubhouse 5652 Haden Rd.


The quickest way to lose Freedom and Safety is to stand by and do nothing.


See you around the Neighborhood





President’s Corner

Greeting Neighbors,
Well winter has been upon us and the cold is bone chilling. In this newsletter you will see the highlights not only for the fall but winter is also included. It has been a busy year and I would like to thank all of the members of the Executive board who no exaggeration went above and beyond in their efforts to provide for our neighborhood. Behind the scenes they took on many roles to ensure each event occurred seamlessly. Their dedication to service in our community is a rare quality and truly commendable.
My association with the civic league stemmed from the President at the time Paul Muir sending out the word that the civic league would be closing its doors. Paul informed us that lack of volunteers and participation had grown to the point that he was resigning as the President and if no one stood up the doors would close. Well Shana Brown and several others stood up and revitalized the civic league and its activities. The building has been renovated, the events have grown, partnership with government and local business’s have been established to the betterment of our neighborhood.
A safe, wholesome neighborhood is an all hands responsibility. Unfortunately volunteerism has dwindled again to nothing. The general meeting is held at 7 pm on the second Tuesday of each month. The last six general meetings occurred with one to two neighbors present. The November meeting was held with only the executive board in attendance. Michelle our VP is currently filling 3 different positions in the organization on top of a full time job and Mommy duties. Some positions still remain vacant. For example: No one has stepped up for the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator despite our requesting member help to fill this chair for the last two years.
We need your support to continue our efforts!
In the following pages you will see the events that have occurred and events to come. The Haunted House, Christmas and New Year events were spectacular. Thanks to our neighborhood kids who put the scary in our haunted house. Santa was wonderful.
April will be busy with a community yard sale. Remember your participation in the yard sale keeps our doors open and puts a little (some instances a lot of cash) in your pocket. Easter Egg Hunt will be an event you don’t want to miss and yes there will be Pony rides for the little ones.
In May we will sponsor a great field day event for the local Relay for Life team Hope Fight Win!

I reiterate my admiration for the Executive Board, Nancy, Bob, Lori, Michelle, Tim, Billy and Stacey. They give their ideas, share their time and again go above and beyond for our neighborhood.
Enjoy the following pages and note the Calendar of events.
Make it a point to step up, attend a general meeting, & get involved to help make a difference in your community, neighborhood and home! We cannot do it with you YOUR support!

See you around the Neighborhood.